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Idmansour guesthouse in Imlil!

Our guest house photos

 idmansour guest house.

a view from idmansour guest housea window room.

a view from idmansour guest housea window room.

Larbi IDMANSOUR a desert guide and, mountain guide, he is ready to give you informations about : high atlas Adventure Travel, one day trek and, 5 or 8 or 15 days trip in high atlas, trekking high atlas, kasbah du tobkal, atlas mountain guides, etc ..

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About Idmansour guesthouse

 The Idmansour Guest House, in Douar Armoud (Armed) Imlil commune of Asni.

is a very pleasant and clean Guest House, trekkers have used this House since it opened in 2000. Muhammad Guardian, manager & cook, a very smart and intelligent man. Facilities: two sit-down flush toilets, three hot showers. 08 rooms for sleeping middle floor dining area top floor large terrace area an additional room. Meals are prepared in the kitchen next upstairs, you can prepare your own meal by yourself! The Guest House in Imlil can sleep up to 20 people a night and also provides food for people staying and for any trips which they might undertake.





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