Where to sleep in imlil? imlil hotels and gues thouses.

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   Imlil !


Imlil Photos

Imlil ( high atlas )

 panorama of  imlil little village in spring

panorama of imlil in autumn

group of tourists coming down from drouar armed to swiqa n imlil

town of imlil in winter

imlil | kasbah du Toubkal

to light up your adventure travel in Morocco

Imlil :

is a village in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is a good starting point for a trekking holiday or for climbing Toubkal mount the second highest mountain in Africa. Imlil (pronounced IM-leel) village has a variety of shops and "pensions" as well as being a base for guides and trekking parties. The route to Toubkal starts in the village. Its a progressive community and monies from tourism go into a variety of projects organised by the Village associations such as litter collection and disposal and a new Hammam, and other projects in the way.


Imlil is a base for mountain guides and muleteers who work in the area surrounding Jebel Toubkal. It is also a main entry point for those wishing to trek in the mountains in this area. The valley in which Imlil lies is periodically flooded. The most obvious evidence of the most recent flood (1995) is the wreckage of cars on the valley floor north of Imlil. At this point in the mountains, it becomes true Berber country. The almost constant hustling continues, but it feels of a much less threatening nature.

Get in

Imlil is approximately 60 km south of Marrakech, and it can be reached by road through the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Taxis regularly run to and from Marrakech. I understand that there may be a truck that runs weekly to Imlil from Marrakech.

Get around

Imlil is a relatively small village, so travelling by foot is the best option. Many of the paths are fairly rocky, so appropriate footwear is recommended.


Larbi Idmansour, Douar Imlil commune of  Asni  Prv. Alhaouz  Marrakech Morocco C.P 42150,  
E-mail: info@morocco-trekking.com.
Morocco trekking staff is Specialist in walking & trekking holidays in Morocco he and his staff also offer climb Toubkal in winter or, any other season. Mount Toubkal's Trek from Imlil, Hiking the High Atlas Mountains plus Atlas Mountains Treks, Excursions Morocco and Day Excursions from Marrakech.


One of the great delights of the area is to:

  •  Trek High Atlas. For those who are flexible and love adventure.
  • Participate in Ahouash music parties with local. For those who are curious to know about berber culture.
  •  Sit on the House roof eating lunch or taking tea
    and watching the next villages Arghen, Ait souka, Tamatert, Targa Imoula, and the subtle changes of colour
    of the surrounding mountains as the sun moves.


There is a group of shops that cater to tourists towards the south of the village, selling items including jewelry, headscarves , and the moroccan djellaba - a full body garment with a pointed hood worn by men.


The hotel-cafe soleil has the typical food you would expect, as well as having one of the most peaceful settings you could imagine. The owner is also very knowledgable about the mountains. also there is many small local restaurents that are cooking and selling Tajin and all sorts of berbers food.


There are many small coffee shops near the touristic shops selling soft drinks. The Kasbah du Toubkal also sells soft drinks. but, at higher prices.


Leaving the stress and insanity of Marrakech for this little mountain village and surroundings is a good idea, even just for a day or two. You can pitch a tent in a grassy clearing beside the guest house of Idmansour. Imlil also has several pensions in the village area there is also Kasbah du toubkal but it is a kind of higher prices. If you want really a good accommodation the Gte Idmansour's Guest house above the village will provide wonderful accommodation. There is familly Idmansour who can help with reservations
or see contact us

Idmansour Guest house :
Larbi Idmansour: info@morocco-trekking.com
Abderrahim Aithaddi: rahim_meringue@morocco-trekking.com

Adams Wafi Tawfik: webmaster@morocco-trekking.com

Get out

  • To get back to Marrakech a "Grande Taxi " back is the best way.
  • There is also a big bus which passe every 9:00 morning and 23:30 every night
  • Yeah there is many min-bus but not much quality they packed people like sardins.

warning: Taxis back to Marrakech are in some occasions more expensive than coming here. The is because people often travel through the mountains, so there's less people coming back to Marrakech (apparently...)

To go on up into the mountains, please read the Imlil page. Also you can contact us to help light up your trip.

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