Where to sleep in toubkall? toubkal's kasbah & refuge..

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Djebel Toubkal's guide..
climb Toubkal montain's sumit

   Jebel Toubkal !


Jebel Toubkal Photos

Toubkal's summit

 Toubkal's summit in winter

jbel toubkal soumit in summer

toubkal's refuge

climbing toubkal

Larbi Idmansour federal mountain guide is hiking toubkal.


to light up your adventure travel in high Atlas..

Toubkal Mount

Jbel (Jebel) Toubkal / Adrar n Toubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and in North Africa. It is located 63 km south of the city of Marrakech, in the Toubkal National Park. The first ascent by Europeans was on 12 June 1923 by the Marquis de Segonzac, Vincent Berger and Hubert Dolbeau, but the mountain may have been climbed before that date.


Trekkers usually approach the mountain from the road-end village of Imlil. Qualified local guides can be hired, as well as mules and porters, to carry equipment and food supplies higher into the mountains. For experienced mountaineers, guides are not required for the normal route, as it is an easy hike and orientation is not a problem. Usage of the mules is questionable, as they are often being overloaded and mistreated, and there is no need to carry food or tents if staying in the refuge.
The normal route starts with easy walk to the village of Aroumd. Past Aroumd a floodplain is crossed and route follows the left slope of the valley southwards. Valley bends to the east to the tiny settlement of Sidi Chamharouch, which has grown around a Muslim shrine. At Sidi Chamharouch path leads over the stream and steeply uphill to the right side of the Isougouane valley which leads to

Get in

From Marrakech take a shared taxi to Imlil, cost 25 to 35 MAD per seat related to what season summer or winter. The journey takes 75 to 90 minutes maximum. The taxis leave from a small market 1km (2 blocks) south of the Bab-er-Rob, bus 35 from the Medina goes there. Taxis can be scarce after about 11:00. There should be no need to change transport at Asni if you agreed with the drive to bring you until Imlil ;-). From Imlil walking to the Toubkal or C.A.F Refuge, about 6 hours, straight up the valley through Aroumd and Sidi Chamharouch. A more interesting route crosses the low pass to the west of Imlil to Azib Tamsoult (keep high and head south once across the pass, 4hrs). Camp or stay overnight at the gite there. Next day continue up the gorge past an awesome waterfall and turn sharp left at a path junction (1.5 hours). Go right at the next path junction about 30 minutes further on. Zigzag up an enormous scree slope to a pass with superb views of Toubkal (3 hrs). Descend easily southeast to the refuges. This is a recently constructed route that isn't shown on many maps.

Get around

The ascent is on a good, well-marked path all the way. From the refuges cross the river below a waterfall (difficult after heavy rain). Scramble out of the gorge and follow a good path across a scree slope. Continue across boulders to a stream. Cross the stream and scramble up some rocks (cairned). The path makes a loop to the left, then a steep section threads through some massive rocks. The path continues up the corrie and zigzags up to a col at about 4000 m. Turn left at the col. You can cut the corner here, but the views are better if you stay close to the ridge. After a couple of false summits you see the true summit with its steel surveyors' tower. Towards the top the ridge itself is difficult, so the path stays on the left (west) flank. Takes about 2.5 hours if you're acclimatized.


Asni and Imlil Villages and saint Shamharouge toumb and waterfalls ;-)


Climb the Toubkal's peak


two stone-built refuges (old Neltner Refuge and new Refuge du Toubkal) that are often used as base camp at 3,207 m (10,522 ft). Tents can be pitched near the refuges for a small charge.


It is possible to buy good meals in the Refuge du Toubkal.


Larbi Idmansour, Imlil, PO BOX 08 Asni 42150 Marrakesh, Morocco,
TEL: + E-mail: info@morocco-trekking.com. Federal Mountain guide he was selected and formed by the C.F.A.M.M
-Centre de Formation aux Métiers de Montagne- in Tabant, Aït Bouguemmaz.
This hospitable Berber, Attentive, effective, professional, likes to accommodate the walker and to help him discover his country with all the respect and the necessary attention. Larbi Idmansour is called “Ba aroob” also as a nickname is one of the first mountain guides to graduate in Morocco, with more than 30 years of experience. Skiing, summer and winter treks, climbs, excursions on 4x4.
Organizes transportation, food, accommodation, mules and muleteers. He provides a complete itinerary for your chosen activity, for a very reasonable price:
* Valleys and solid mass of Toubkal.
* Wonder of the High Atlas Toubkal M'Goun.
* Walking & trekking Excursions from the Atlas to the Atlantic.
* Villages and valleys of the High Atlas on 4x4.
Camel Excursion:
* the valley of Draa..
gardens of the Sahara..
the Atlantic coast..
Excursion in VTT:
* the high Atlas and its Berber villages,
* the saghro summet..
* the djebel Siroua..
* the valley of Draa..
* throats of Dades and the valley of Imilchil..
4x4 Excursion:
* to discover the Ksours..
* the Kasbahs and the magic of the south.

Get out

To get out from Toubkal there are tow ways 1st one is to turn back to Imlil (up to five hours). Or to continue to Ifni Lake Then Imsouzart village.


To go on up the mountains, Ourika Asni Imlil  Toubkal Amzmiz Oukaymden.. or if you are interested to trek sahara.. you can use the form on contact us page to help light up your trip.. also you can send us Email:

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