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Video montage of daily life in Marrakesh, Morocco

Feb, 2008


trekking in morocco - from M'goun To ToubkalTrekking - From MGoun to Toubkal High Atlas - Morocco
The ascension of the most prestigious peaks of the High Atlas of Morocco, M'Goun (4068 m) and Toubkal (4165 m). A nice challenge, right? With the addition of a crossing from east to west of the High Atlas, the alternative of At Bougmez valley at the foot of M'Goun up to the valley of the Ourika dominated by the summit of Toubkal.

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Feb, 2008


Walking holiday in Morocco - Toubkal valley and sommetTrekking - Sommet and valley of Toubkal High Atlas - Morocco
An original route and come with as little culminate climbing Toubkal (4165 m). The green valleys and populated contrast with the high mountains, covered only by flocks of sheep. You will be delighted by these landscapes villages where houses square dry stone fit without false notes.

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Feb, 2008


walking treks Morocco - Merzouga DunesDesert and trekking - Big Dunes of Merzouga - Morocco
Immersion in the universe of big Dunes of Merzouga a population of nomads that we may have a chance to meet to share a moment of their lives. A break in a green oasis in the middle of the desert we carry at the time of the long voyage where the Saharan caravan stopping for a drink.

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One Day in Marrakesh, Morocco

Video montage of daily life in Marrakesh, Morocco, where Larbi can takes you to many places including scenes of snake charmers, henna painters, carpet dealers and musicians in the Djemma el-Fna Square and the surrounding souks and bazaars..

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